Montpellier velvet from Baker Lifestyle
Golden Lily from MIrris & Co
Willbow Bough Embroidery from Morris & Co
Street Diptyque from Pierre Frey
Pure Strawberry Thief Embroidery from Morris & Co
Woodland Chorus from Sanderson here as wall lamp Love 30
Wallace secret garden from Liberty
Pimpernel from Morris & Co
Fruit Minor
Strawberry Thief Red
Themis Green & Brick
Sixten in Rock Blue
Julkula Red
Themis Design by Sanderson
Honeysuckle from Morris & Co
Pure Poppy Embroidery from Morris & Co
Pimpernel from Morris & Co
Summer Strawberries from Sanderson
Marigold from Morris & CO
Strawberry Thief Mocca
Rainforest Green
Sixten in On The Road Ocra
Heron & Lotus Red from Baker
Ocean Design by Bantie
Julkula Gold
Lustgården Design Stig Lindberg
Bird & Anemone from Morris & Co
Pure Willow Bough from Morris & Co
Woodland Chorus from Sanderson
Strawberry Thief Light blue
Ina in Flame Red
Sixten in Meltingpot Red and Graphite
TOP 25 Coral Design by Bantie
Tulpaner, Jobs Hand printed
Paradis Yellow Design by Bantie
Nattviol Design by Bantie
Julkula Grey
From Pure Morris North Collection
Acanthus from Morris & Co
Willow Bough Minor from Morris & Co
Ceiling Embroidery from Morris & Co
Lady Kristina from Liberty fabrics
Harebells & Violets from Sanderson
Tube in Ferns green
Strawberry Thief Red & Blue
Matz in Festival Green
Ferns G GP & J BAKER
Sydney Design by Bantie
LOVE now also as corner lamp
Totem Design by Bantie